Eco Design 2022 Defra Approved Wood Burning Multi Fuel Stove with Logstore

Special Offer for the Hi-Flame Precision 1 Eco Design Ready with Logstore

Just consider what a lot you get for your money with the Hi-Flame Eco Design Stove. Then compare this with any other 5kW stove in a similar, or even higher, price and we think that you'll be very pleasantly surprised – as well as impressed. First of all there's nothing lightweight about it – it weighs in at 85kg including the logstore, which is not only an indication of the quality of materials used in the cast iron door, cast iron lid and steel bodywork but also a pointer to just how well the Precision has been built to cope with heating your home every day, year in year out (there's a five-year warranty). Inside too it's just about as good you can get with pre-heated secondary and tertiary air systems to ensure that you always get a much cleaner burn, a much cleaner glass and you use a lot less of your logs.  Also a direct air option is available for low energy houses.  To finish it off the stove is:

Hetas Approved, SIA Eco Design Ready, Defra Approved, SEAI Approved too

Performance Data from Kiwa Ecodesign Emissions Tests

Burning Wood Logs

Nominal Heat Output:  5kW

Efficiency (net): 76.1%Mean

CO Emission (at 13%):  0.10

CnHm Emissions (at 13%):  76Nmg/m3

Mean NOx (at 13%):  82 Nmg/m3

DIN Plus Particulates (at 13%):  15Nmg/m3

This stove is suitable for use with a 12mm non-combustible hearth