Aga Wren Middle Baffle

Genuine Aga Spare Part for the Aga Wren Stove

Part Number: AF0516

Description: MIDDLE BAFFLE

Number on Exploded Drawing: 12

Delivery to your door throughout all of UK and Ireland


To remove the Middle Baffle assembly (11 & 12), remove the Top Baffle (13) by lifting it at the front edge, pushing it backwards to allow the front tab of the baffle to clear the fixing lug located on the back of the front casting and then letting it drop into the firebox so that it can be removed through the door opening.

Remove the two M6 x 20mm Hex Head bolts to release the middle baffle assembly from the back brick (10). Before replacing the middle baffle assembly, ensure that the rope seal on the back brick is not damaged and replace with 430mm length of Ø8mm rope (CA0802) if required. To remove the back brick, the grate frame (16) must be removed and the M6 x 30mm Hex Head bolt (with two 7mm ID x 22mm OD washers) fixing the back brick to the back casting (4) must also be removed. When refitting the back brick, remove all cement debris from the groove on the back casting and reseal with fire cement.


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