Hi-Flame R5 Eco Design Wood Burning Stove

Hi-Flame R5 Eco design Wood Stove

"Probably one of the very best performing Eco Design Stoves..."

These days when you choose a new heating appliances it’s important that it has the minimum impact on the environment so that you can do your bit to help with climate change and air quality. It’s good to know then that In terms of environmental credentials, Hi-Flame’s R5 is probably one of the very best performing all-round value for money Defra Approved 5kW Ecodesign stoves you can buy today. Incorporating the latest clean-burning combustiontechnology the R5 offers you an outstanding A+ rated efficiency of 82.6% with extremely low emissions. CO is a third lower than the required 2022 Ecodesign limit with NOx, OGC and PM being even lower by around  50%. Build quality, as you’d expect from one of Ireland’s biggest stove brands, is exceptional with superior F-Type castings for both the door and plinth fascia. The discreet user-friendly single slider provides precise control of the combustion air and the direct external air supply inlet for low energy homes is standard.


•82.6% Efficiency (seasoned wood logs)
•Defra smoke exempted appliance allows you to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area
•SEAI verified efficiency and output
•Emissions significantly lower than the Ecodesign limits. For example OGC is28, some 77% below the minimum requirement
•CO 0.08 / NOx 106 / OGC 28 / PM 19
•Premium quality steel bodywork with F-type cast iron door and plinth front
•5.0kW output does not normally require a dedicated air vent, subject to Building Regs’
•75 mm direct external air supply (DEAS) inlet for low energy houses
•Just one simple slider control for ease of use
•Suitable for 12 mm hearth, subject to Regs’
•Overall dimensions R5:H528 W387 D323 mm


R5 Dimensions



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