Hi-Flame R6 Eco Design Wood Burning Stove

Hi-Flame R6 Eco design Wood Stove

"The advanced combustion system provides an even, full-width, flae pattern..."

Carbon-neutral heating with wood is one of the best things that you can do to cut down the amount of CO2 that your home produces.The R6 Widescreen makes a great woodburning stove for the larger fireplace opening without producing levels of heat that typically make a big stoveimpractical to live with. It’s also prettyslim too, being only 382 mm deep. Hi-Flame’s renowned superior build is in evidence throughout particularly in the high quality F-Type castings which are featured on the door, low plinth fascia as well as on the front of the optional store stand version (R6-LS). The full width and virtual full height fire chamber door features a large air washed window and the advanced combustion system provides an even, full width flame pattern which is precisely controlled by just one single slider control to provide the perfect flame pattern.



Widescreen 5.8kW
•77.1% Efficiency (seasoned wood logs)
•Defra smoke exempted appliance allows you to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area
•SEAI verified efficiency and output
•Emissions significantly lower than the Ecodesign limits. For example PM is21, some 47% below the minimum requirement
•CO 0.10 / NOx 132 / OGC 114 / PM 21
•Premium quality steel bodywork with F-Type cast iron door, plinth and log store fascia
•90 mm direct external air supply (DEAS) inlet for low energy houses
•Takes logs up to 350 mm (14”)
•Just one simple slider control for ease of use
•Suitable for 12 mm hearth, subject to Regs’
•Overall dimensions R6:H532 W582 D382 mm



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