Precision III Door Rope Kit

Replacement rope seal for around the door of the Precision 3 Stove. Includes 2m of rope and a pot of thermal seal high temperature glue.

Over time rope seals, even on the very best stoves, will become compressed sufficiently to allow some combustion air into the stove, reducing your ability to control the flame and also loosing you significant fuel efficiency. In severe cases the gap around the door whether it's the main door(s) or ash pan door, can become so great that the stove effectively quickly incinerates any fuel that you put into it without providing you with the benefit of much more real heat. The consequent lack of control could also potentially lead to over-firing and the over-heating of some of the stove components, needlessly burning out fire grates and baffle plates and even permanently damaging the fabric of the stove if left for a long period. Therefore it is important that the air-tightness of any door seal is regularly checked.