Small Boiler Stove Black Enamel

The best-selling Gabriel® stove now has a small boiler option which will heat two or three radiators (depending on size) and also provide some domestic hot water. This stove is finished in a Black Glass Enamel giving a beautiful shine to any kitchen or living area.

Like all Olymberyl® stoves, the Olymberyl Palladin Boiler Stove is outstanding value, class leading quality and superior performance are standard features.

  • EN13240 CE Approved
  • Secondary Burn for improved efficiency
  • Air Wash System for cleaner glass
  • External ash riddler
  • Insulated fire box to increase performance
  • Safe Overnight Burn for quick starts on cold mornings
Total Output (on wood) 5.6 kW
-To Water
-To Air
2.4 kW
3.2 kW
Efficiency 77.1% (Net)
Airwash System Yes
Construction Cast iron
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Flue Size 125mm/5"
Flue Type Open
Grate Type Multi-fuel
Guarantee 5 Years
Defra Approved No
Additional Finishes Black Enamel
Ideal Log Length Up to 22cm
Weight 100kg
Air Vent Required Yes
Direct Air No

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