Stanley Aoife RIDDLING ROD CA1401-SM05

Genuine Waterford Stanley Spare Part

Waterford Stanley Stove: Stanley Aoife

Part Number: CA1401-SM05

Description: RIDDLING ROD

Number on Exploded Drawing: 25

Delivery to your door throughout all of UK and Ireland

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Remove the riddling knob (26) from the riddling rod (25) by loosening the grub screw (M3 x 8mm) on the underside of the knob using the small allen key supplied with the stove. Remove side bricks (27 & 28) by lifting them upwards and towards the front of the stove allowing them to clear the position rib on the grate frame (16) (see Figure 4.5). Lift the grate fame (16) up at the back edge from underneath the frame until the riddling rod (25) has been retracted fully through the hole on the front casting (3) thus allowing the grate (17), with the riddling rod attached, to be lifted out of the grate frame. Remove the grate frame by lifting it up completely at the back and rotating until it clears the door opening.